Sound Sewer Inspection

Sewer line inspection for Seattle and surrounding areas.

Sound Sewer Inspection provides professional, unbiased video inspections of residential sewer lines for Western Washington residents. We provide unbiased pipe condition reports that allow our clients to evaluate options for addressing any areas of concern quickly.

Using our state of the art RIDGID video inspection equipment, we provide a clear view into your lateral/side sewer so you can easily determine the condition of your sewer line.

We offer:

  • Professional Video Capture/Issue Isolation Reporting
  • Location and Depth of Issue Information

A vital aspect of any home, the sewer line is usually only noticed when something is desperately wrong. A backed up sewer line is a problem that no one wants and can not only damage your home and possessions, but also be a sanitary safety hazard. Before you have a forgettable experience, have the confidence in knowing the integrity of your lineā€”the confidence that comes with a video sewer scope inspection from Sound Sewer Inspection.