Real Estate Agents

Repairing a degraded sewer line can cost anywhere from $200 for root removal to tens of thousands of dollars for a complete line replacement. Identifying potential issues before purchasing or renovating an older home can make all the difference in the world. Although the sewer line is out of sight, it should not be out of mind. For a few hundred dollars now, thousands could be saved later.


  • Buyer's confidence in knowing the condition of the sewer line before purchase
  • Ability to negotiate any needed repairs before closing
  • As an agent, you have the confidence that your client will not be disappointed later if an issue arises, but the window has closed for negotiation

Our SeeSnake video camera is attached to a push reel that can access lines up to 200 feet in length using high powered LED lights to illuminate the inside of a sewer pipe. The camera unit also contains a transmitter that allows us to not only locate the underground issue, but also determine the depth of the pipe. Locating and excavating to the issue is the largest cost driver of sewer repair and this information gives repair providers the ability to deliver accurate cost estimates.

Typically it requires no more than 2 hours to complete a thorough residential sewer inspection. We encourage customers to view the video live on site as we are doing the inspection allowing us to answer any questions you may have about what the video is capturing.